January 31, 2011


Made from wood and a personal favorite of mine. I've actually gone ahead and bought this a while back and it looks lovely in my home.

This is a note from the artist :
We are transplanted New Englanders now settled in the mountainous Allegheny of West Virginia. We have the highest and second highest mountain in the state in our county. We have 3 mountain rivers flowing through our county and we are proud to say that we own about 800 feet of frontage on one of them. We hope to build on that land next year. Our current home and manufacturing facilities are located on about 3½ acres of incredibly landscaped land with a significant spring coming out of the mountain on this land. At least 14 other houses are supplied by that spring.

This company is actually our second wood manufacturing effort. Our first is located about 6 miles down the road from where I am sitting and occupies an 80,000 sq foot facility and is owned and operated by one of my daughters and son-in-law. In that company we manufacture shelves, country furniture, and shadow boxes.

  The products that you currently see in this store stemmed from my desire to produce wood products that had considerable detail and finish. While getting the other company off the ground I was using scroll saws for pieces of product, such as scrolled shelves.


I really liked the type of things that could be done with a scroll saw as the main piece of equipment and I enjoyed the detail work much more then what was then our typical effort. So I experimented more and more with the scroll saw and after awhile I recognized that I had another product line, plus ideas of other things that could be produced. So we test marketed through several shows and to individual gift stores. The results were quite positive.

Please take a look at some of these wonderful items here

Stacie Dale designs

Stacie Dale, founder of Stacie Dale Designs Inc., began her career as a fashion designer in 1992. After spending 9 years in the apparel industry, Stacie decided to return to her first love of painting.

She spent several years creating hand painted furniture and keepsake chests for friends and local stores in the Philadelphia area. Soon after, she found herself married with two children of her own and a growing painting business.

In 2002, Stacie opened her website, at the urging of a good friend and as a means of staying home with her two children. The website proved to be a wonderful outlet for unique custom design creations and a way to reach many new customers.

 In 2006, Stacie added a wholesale line that will continue to grow the business and make her designs even more accessible. Stacie strives to provide a high quality keepsake chest that will be a family heirloom for many years to come.

You can order from Stacie here 

St Jude's Creations

The beautiful handmade flowers in clay are made by Maria Jude Noble.
This is what she says about her craft :
Making artificial flowers has been a passion for me for many years. It started with my mother and her sister who used to run a floral business many years ago. They learnt the method of making beautiful flowers from fabric, paper and other materials and from then on this trade was picked up by us from a very young age. It started as a hobby and on finding that people loved the flowers, I turned it into a website where customers could pick and choose the colors and varieties.

There are many benefits of using paper or clay flowers, one being they are different and unique. They can be ordered in your custom color, and of course they last longer than fresh ones, so they can be preserved to keep the memory of your wedding day alive forever. They can be put together well ahead of the function and so there is no worry of it wilting at the time of the wedding, or worrying if it will open it's closed blooms for the wedding. It's ideal for destination weddings, as you can pack and take it with you.

 You can find Maria here

January 29, 2011



Inspired by vintage printing blocks, this beautifully finished chest of 26 drawers is made from solid oak - the perfect place to file everything from A-Z!

The ALPHABET chest of drawers stands around waist height.
All of our cabinets are made to order, and therefore have a short lead-time of 3-6 weeks

Our Philosophy

At KENT & LONDON, we use quality materials and traditional methods to create solid, beautifully finished, bespoke furniture. As all of our designs are made to order, we can produce them to our customers’ exact specifications - dimensions, colours, finishes and design features.
We currently have a showroom in Whitstable Harbour, down by the beach, where we are always happy to welcome customers wishing to take a closer look.

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Heather Knight

About Heather Knight:
Heather Knight is an internationally recognized artist that has garnered attention form the world wide design community since joining Etsy in 2007. She exhibits nationally and works closely with design community professionals to produce small scale installations.

She received a BFA from UNC-Asheville in 2006,and served as a resident artist at Odyssey Center for the Ceramics Arts the following year. While acting as Ceramics faculty for the Greenville County Museum of Art, she started her studio in 2007.

She believes in keeping true to the hand made process of her art and does not use any means of mass production. She has an assistant to help with administrative tasks and running of her life, allowing her to spend as many hours as possible making her work.

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January 27, 2011


I have been blessed with the gift of drawing. I am very lucky to teach art to children, who are my greatest muses in life. I love to share my love of art to all that I meet. I hope that my art touches you the way it touches me. I create art with my heart and soul. I personally fall in love with all my work or I won't put it out there. I would be very honored to have my art in your life.

Angelpainter sells her art  here .